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Written Testimonies from Veterans

Ken T.
“When I first started coming here I had a stabbing pain in my lower back. Since my last four visits, my pain has decreased and I am now able to work out for longer periods of time. I sleep better, I and others around me have noticed a decrease of irritability in my mood, and I am able to better perform my duties at my job. I highly suggest this program to anyone who may be suffering from chronic pain. It has done me wonders and I know it can help others too.” 
Vinnie H.
“I served in the U.S. Marine Corps 1982-1986. During my tour of duty I did some damage to my knee. Over the next 30+ years I did more and more damage which eventually led to arthroscopy on both my knees and two hip replacements before I turned 47! I chanced a 5K run/walk. I ran, being a thick headed machine. Improving, adapting and overcoming as all marines do, I would slide my feet and run/skate so as not to re-damage my hips. Well, I didn’t finish last and I carried the colors the entire way! In July 2011, I met Mr. Doug Huseby at the MCCC meeting. He showed his wellness program and invited me in for an assessment. The staff was great. They took, and continued to take, outstanding care of me to the point where I can now sprint full speed for at least 50 yards! I’ve been a client for a month now and am amazed at what they have been able to do for me!”