Refugee Life Ministries

"Thank you for teaming up with Refugee Life Ministries to provide furniture for refugees. Woodbury Community church blessed a family with a home full of Becker furniture.  


Your generosity helped Woodbury community church meet a real need for their refugee family. Furniture is an avenue for relationships to develop and hope to be shared.  Every week folks from Woodbury Community church visit the family as they help them find work, get signed up for ELL classes, get the kids in school, and meet other needs based on the challenges the family faces.  Most importantly they are becoming friends - friendships that have a positive impact on all involved. Thank you for helping make this possible.  We are grateful and would love to partner with you in the future.

Rob Scott
Refugee Life Ministries Volunteer Director"

Other Testimonials:

“My client was struggling on disability income without a comfortable bed and no money to afford a new one. Your support made a real difference to her. She is now sleeping in comfort for the first time in years!” 
Kim K.
“S. Butler received a bed/mattress that supports her back after having surgery two times after a work accident in 2008. She previously had to go between sleeping on her old mattress or the couch. Without this donation she still would continue to have sleepless nights while trying to go to school full time.” 
Katie B.
“Thank you so much for donating 3 beds to the (referred family).  They made a huge difference in the family’s life, and they were so excited to receive them.  We appreciate the support you provide to the families we work with.” 
Diane M.
“Thank you and BFW Charities for the four beds that were provided for the St. Cloud Salvation Army’s Central Minnesota Transitional Housing Program.  Because of the four beds that were given to the (referred family), it played a large part in their continued success in living independently and in permanent housing.  Thank you.” 
Tammy W.
“I would like to thank you for the wonderful chair that you recently donated to me.  I wrote a letter to your company regarding my physical disabilities and the need for a chair.  Because of the kind people at your company that took the time to read my letter, you have made living with CP just a little easier.  Therefore, once again, I thank you sincerely.” 
“I am very grateful for the furniture from BFW Charities.  Now my twins have a dresser for their clothes and me and my kids have a sofa to sit on!  Thank you BFW Charities, very much.”